Other Services

Other Services


All the skills that we use for bed restoration can be applied to almost any metal object in need of a little t.l.c.

Below is a list of services we can provide.

So give us a call or send an e-mail explaining what it is you need doing, ( photos are very welcome)

and we will give you as accurate an estimate of costings and time frame as we can.


Sand blasting.

We clean the objects right back to the bare metal, ridding them of all rust, old paint and debris.


Paint shop.

Using cellulose as standard, but other paints can be bought in, including farrow and ball and two pack acrylic.

All colours available.



We primarily polish brass, but all metals will come up with a mirror like shine when using our 2hp machine.


Sand casting.

Using oil sand boxes and pouring with aluminium we are able to duplicate objects up to 10”x10”



Here we are able to mend steal, cast iron and brass using mig welding,

oxy-propane welding with cast iron rods as well as brazing and soldering techniques.