Hoe Copse, Cocking, Near Midhurst, West Sussex,GU29 0HL, UK

Based in the heart of West Sussex, The Victorian Brass Bedstead Company restore bedsteads to their original glory. Most of these date from 1870 to 1925 and are sourced from all over the world, although originally manufactured in the Midlands.  Each one is an original, unique piece. The beds below are examples of some fine bedsteads from the general styles; we recommend that you visit the company to view nearly 200 fully restored brass and iron bedsteads, half testers and four posters, or browse around our stock of 2000 bedsteads waiting to be restored.  Contact the Victorian Brass Bedstead Company to make a viewing appointment.


(+44)01730 812287 - Victorian Brass Bedstead Company - (+44)01730 812287

This is not all of our stock but just a selection we have hundreds more to choose from!

The Victorian Brass Bedstead Company mainly deals in original bedsteads and offers a comprehensive restoration service. Whether you have found a bedstead from our vast stock or have an existing bedstead that requires refurbishment we can assist. 




 Contact: toria@victorianbrassbeds.co.uk  Victorian Brass Bedstead Company  Contact: toria@victorianbrassbeds.co.uk 

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