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Purchasing a bed is a very personal experience, we welcome a visit from you, although catalogues and the powerful graphics on a website give fairly accurate descriptions "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Please contact us to make an appointment. We can supply detailed photographs of the beds on display, but your involvement is very important. We have over 40 years of experience and have sold hundreds of beds to suit all tastes and styles. The vast majority of our beds are antique but we do offer some bespoke lines which can be seen in our showroom. We also offer a restoration service. We have a foundry and workshop and can restore damaged beds to their original condition.

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Shown in the gallery pages below are examples of the diverse range of unique beds from our showroom. This gives some idea of the quality and style of some of our beds. Notably The "King of Moroccos' bed, this ornate bed is a fine example of Victorian craftsmanship. The Red velvet drapes create a stunning example of elegance. All the beds shown of the different gallery pages can be viewed.

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king of Morrocco

4ft 6in Burnished steel bedstead with ornate "Sunburst" brass decoration c.1875
5ft Victorian bedstead painted black with ornate brass fittings c.1885
5ft Victorian style brass & iron bedstead with dipping rail finished in any colour
4ft 6ins Brass & iron bedstead with oval shaped finials painted in Gardenia c.1890
4ft 6in Fine example of a Victorian bedstead with Georgian style rosettes c.1880
3ft x 6ft French scrolled wrought iron daybed c.1915
2ft 6in Cast brass bedstead by Hoskins & Sewell with original fittings c.1900 
4ft 6in Brass & iron bedstead with multiple brass spindles c.1885
3ft Pair of distressed ivory gothic bedsteads with Maples stamp rare item c.1870
5ft Unique brass fronted Winfield Bedstead c.1870
5ft Ornate triple arched Victorian style bedstead in cream finish
4ft 6in Brass & iron bedstead in gardenia with all original fittings c.1870
3ft Edwardian Bedstead with distressed cream finish and art nouveau influence C.1900 as supplied to Nanny Mcphee(click)
3ft Distressed finish Maple & Co Bedstead c.1885
5ft Half round Victorian style all iron bedstead in grey primer to be painted any colour
3ft Edwardian dip rail pale green c.1915